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Who runs the PTA?

We have Committee Members (who are elected to run the PTA), Class Reps and a larger group of volunteers who help whenever they can.

PTA Committee

CHAIR Hannah Stephenson (staff)
VICE CHAIR Sally Patrick (parent/staff)
SECRETARY Amy Lyon (parent)
TREASURER Helen McClane (parent)
COMMUNICATION OFFICER Linzy Settle (parent/staff)


Class Reps

Reps provide a great communication channel between the PTA committee, the school, and parents on the playground.

Rather than feeling that the PTA is distant and cliquey, we hope that parents will feel closer to the committee with a face-to-face approach.


  • Pass on information from the PTA to other parents in their child's class and encourage parents to support the PTA
  • At least one rep per class to attend the AGM and PTA committee meetings
  • Coordinate volunteers to help with fundraising activities
  • Seek feedback from parents on PTA events or funding requests and pass it on to the committee
  • Recruit a new class rep if/when they choose to step down (encourage reps to sign up in pairs - tasks seem less daunting with a friend by your side!)
RCM Natalie        
RHM Sarah Skipworth        
1RP Lyndsey Brocklesby        
1EJ Heather Everington        
2JP Linsey Wainman        
2EE/ND Laura Farmer Laura Miskin Su Welburn Heidi Henrickson Tracy Lee
3SP/SM Claire Walmsley        
4KC Laura Farmer Laura Miskin Su Welburn    
4MR Claire Beckett Helen Smith Linsey Wainman    
5DR Linzy Settle        
5RC Tracy Lee        
6AN/JS Dan Crook Neil Redman      
6KG Linzy Settle        


We have 1 class without a PTA Class Rep


if you are interested in being the ‘go to person’ for your class, then please contact asap.

Swanland Primary School

Tranby Lane, Swanland, East Yorkshire, HU14 3NE

Telephone: 01482 631300 Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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