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Welcome to our Reception page.

Reception at Swanland Primary school is a fun, multi sensory, hands on learning environment which supports each child in making their next step of learning. 

We engage in all areas of our Early Years Curriculum in our outdoor and Indoor classrooms.  We plan and asses using the 7 areas of Learning and the Characteristics of Effective learning identified in the Early Years Curriculum.

It is our aims:

  • To provide a curriculum appropriate to the developmental needs of all the children.
  • To provide an environment where all the children are safe, happy and secure.
  • To establish strong links with parents from the earliest opportunity.
  • To make the transition from Nursery to Reception and Reception to Year One as smooth and informed as possible.
  • To encourage all children to develop independence, persistence and the capacity to become successful  learners.
  • To encourage children to develop their social and emotional  skills to become caring, thoughtful and considerate members of our school family.

We offer each child a home visit prior to them starting school so that the class teachers can meet the child and their parents in their own home.  The children will also be invited to 3 short classroom visits to meet the Reception staff and to become familiar with other children that will be in their class and the layout of their classroom.  Staff will liase with each child’s preschool setting  and key workers during the summer term before they start school.

We use Tapestry which is an online Learning journal which sends home regular photographs and assessments  to parents of their child’s activities and learning. Parents are invited weekly to share classroom practice.

We hope that you enjoy looking at the photographs which present snapshots of our learning and adventures.

Many thanks

The Reception Team

Week Commencing Monday 9th November 2020


Phonics/ Literacy

The sound we are learning today is 'j'. 

Items in the basket: jam, jelly, jigsaw, juice, jaguar. 

Practice the shape and make the letter out of play doh. 

In phonics books draw a picture of something in the basket and practice their name. 



One more than. . .

Counting to 10 and being able to say one more than a particular number up to 10. 


Afternoon Activity: Making a jam sandwich. 

PE  Time to move:

Welcome to Reception - video

Please watch our video to see more about us!

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