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Year 3

Mrs Patrick, Miss Welbourne, Mrs Pougher and Mrs Parkinson welcome you to Year 3. 

Welcome to Year 3

Your Year 3 Team is Mrs Patrick, Mrs Pougher, Miss Welbourne and Mrs Parkinson. 

Throughout the year we will be focusing on a range of topics, including: Rainforests, the Romans, the Stone age, the Iron age, the Bronze age, forces and rocks and fossils. For some of these topics we have the opportunity to visit relevant resources outside of school, such as Tropical World to enhance our knowledge of the Rainforest and Brigantium to further our knowledge of Roman life. 

In Literacy we will be focusing on a variety of skills within VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) such as using paragraphs and apostrophes to enhance their knowledge learnt in previous years. We are continuously carrying out "Big Writes", which the children complete independently and are usually linked to our topic so that children can reinforce both their topic and literacy knowledge.

In Numeracy we will revisit areas of the curriculum our children have covered already, to ensure that they can apply this knowledge  in a variety of ways in everyday life. We will also be focusing on new skills, such as: digital and analogue time, column addition and subtraction and statistics. 

If you would like to contact any of the Year 3 Team, please feel free to do so by either arranging an appointment through the school office or by speaking to Miss Welbourne or Mrs Patrick on the playground before school begins. 

Thank you for your continued support, 

The Year 3 Team 

Simple Map Reading

As an introduction to our Rainforest topic we looked at where countries were located in the world.  To help the children with this they had to work in mixed groups from both classes, to navigate their way around 'The World', using the school field and compass directions.

Rainforest Shoeboxes

To enhance our knowledge of the different rainforest layers, the children worked as teams and each child created their own layer of the rainforest.  They designed, planned and made their rainforest layer, making sure that their trees were aligned as it travelled through the layers.

Visit to Tropical World

During our Rainforest topic the children visited Tropical World to enhance their knowledge of typical Rainforest animals and their habitat.

Remembrance Day

In order to comemorate Remembrance Day, Year 3 completed a range of Poppy related activities.

Food Chain Activity

To reinforce the recent learning of food chains the full year group participated in a fun and engaging activity.  This game consisted of children wearing different coloured bibs, depending on which element of the food chain they were.  Children had to catch the element of the food chain below them.  This meant that the children had to have a good understanding of the food chain and how it functions properly.

Multi-Cultural Kitchen

During our rainforest topic, children were asked to think of ingredients and products found in the rainforest. With these products children then created their own smoothie recipes in groups, and then made these smoothies in our own multicultural kitchen. 

As part of our Roman topic, we made some Roman Pizza's.  Please find below a copy of the recipe.

Deforestation debate

To draw our Rainforest topic to a close, the children engage in a debate surrounding deforestation. 3GW were acting against deforestation and 3SP were acting for deforestation. Each class prepared reasoned arguments for their case and we presented this debate as a year group. 

Queens 90th Celebrations

The Year 3 children designed and made crowns to wear for the Queens celebration.  We then enjoyed a picnic in the sun with our families and friends!

Roman Day visit to Brigantium Fort

As part of our Roman topic we visited Brigantium Fort in York and became Roman Soldiers for the day.  We had to make oil lamps, do guard duty, sword training and we even had a try at re-creating the tortoise formation so we could attack any oncoming Celts!

Winter Tree Pictures on Canvas

The children painted winter trees on canvas which were then displayed in the school hall for the children and parents to view.

Superhero Day ! 29th June 2016

Year 3GW - Les 4 amis


Visit to North Lincolnshire museum

During our visit to North Lincolnshire Museum we found out a lot more information about fossils and what they looked like.  We also sketched them and made our very own.

Race For Life

We went up to the Swanland Playing Fields to take part in our sponsored Race for Life event.  We did as many laps as we could in 20 minutes.  We all did amazing and tried our very hardest.

Year 3 and 4 Mini Olympics.

The Year 3 and 4 children created their own olympic activities.  They then had to instruct the groups that visited them so that they could carry out their event successfully.  To link with our topic of Ancient Greeks the children also came dressed...

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