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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!  Our teachers are Mrs Patrick and Miss Welbourne.  Mrs Patrick's class is called 3SP and their teaching assistant is called Mrs Pougher.  Miss Welbourne's class is called 3GW and their teaching assitants are Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Gill.

During the year we will complete 3 different topics based on Geography, History and Science.  

Our first topic, during the Autumn term focuses on the Amazon Rainforest.  We will use atlases to locate where we live in the UK, where the Amazon rainforest is and make comparisons.  To help us make these comparisons we will also walk around Swanland village and the Rainforest zone at Tropical World, during our visit in October.   We shall also examine the plants, trees and animals that live in the Rainforest.

In the Spring term our topic will be called The Romans.  We shall investigate where the Romans are placed on the timeline of Britain, how and when the Romans invaded Britain and the structure of the Roman Army.  We shall experience life as a Roman soldier during our visit to a Roman Fort in York.

Our topic during the Summer term is called rocks and fossils.  We shall look at the different types of rocks, soils, fossils and volcanoes and discuss how these are formed.  

We shall also investigate Forces, the different types and their effects.  This shall also be linked with a Literacy topic called Superheroes.

The first whole class book that we are going to read together is James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.  We will use the book to help us focus on word choice and knowledge and also with reading comprehension activities.

Our Numeracy will be based on the Mastery approach.  This will involve the children focusing on a specific strand of Numeracy for a few weeks at a time.  Our hope is that this method of delivery will help the children develop secure problem solving skills that they can apply to everyday life.

We look forward to meeting and working with you this year.

Visit to Tropical World

On October 18th the Year 3 children visited Tropical World as part of our Rainforest topic.  We wanted to find out what it would feel like to actually live in a rainforest and what animals would we come across.

We also had an activity in the woods at Roundhay Park.  We investigated food chains and we looked for bugs on the woodland floor.  We discussed how they were specially adapted to their habitat.

We had a fantastic day out, the children really enjoyed themselves and it would not have been possible without our fantastic parent volunteers!

Y3 Planning overview 2017-18

Summer Term

We have many exciting activities planned for our last term as year 3's.  We will also work closely with Year 4 so that they are ready for their next academic year.

Our topic work this term will be very Science based.  We will be linking volcanoes with our previous Roman topic and then moving onto investigating Rocks and Fossils.  We will hopefully be visited by an expert from the University to develop our understanding of rocks and fossils further. As well as this we also study Forces and link this to our Literacy theme of Superheroes.

In Literacy this term we will be developing and extending our sentences using a variety of vocabulary, conjunctions and subordinate clauses.  During the Superhero theme we will be creating our own Superhero, thinking creatively about their character traits and powers.  We hope to write a newspaper report based on a heroic action of our own superhero and a comic strip.

During Numeracy we will continue with the Mastery approach.  In particular we will focus on time, fractions, statistics and units of measurement.  There will be many investigation opportunities using practical resources and problem solving.

This is the first opportunity for the Year 3 children to compete in Haltemprice Sports.  With this in mind we will be practising many areas of athletics, including relay, sprinting and throwing.  Sports Day activities will also be an important part of our PE lessons.  When the weather allows us to make use of the field we will be introducing the children to the skills, rules and game of Rounders.

Watch this space for photographs of our many activities!

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