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Year 3

Mrs Patrick, Miss Welbourne, Mrs Pougher and Mrs Parkinson welcome you to Year 3. 

Welcome to Year 3

Your Year 3 Team is Mrs Patrick, Mrs Pougher, Miss Welbourne and Mrs Parkinson. 

Throughout the year we will be focusing on a range of topics, including: Rainforests, the Romans, the Stone age, the Iron age, the Bronze age, forces and rocks and fossils. For some of these topics we have the opportunity to visit relevant resources outside of school, such as Tropical World to enhance our knowledge of the Rainforest and Brigantium to further our knowledge of Roman life. 

In Literacy we will be focusing on a variety of skills within VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) such as using paragraphs and apostrophes to enhance their knowledge learnt in previous years. We are continuously carrying out "Big Writes", which the children complete independently and are usually linked to our topic so that children can reinforce both their topic and literacy knowledge.

In Numeracy we will revisit areas of the curriculum our children have covered already, to ensure that they can apply this knowledge  in a variety of ways in everyday life. We will also be focusing on new skills, such as: digital and analogue time, column addition and subtraction and statistics. 

If you would like to contact any of the Year 3 Team, please feel free to do so by either arranging an appointment through the school office or by speaking to Miss Welbourne or Mrs Patrick on the playground before school begins. 

Thank you for your continued support, 

The Year 3 Team 

3GW Winter Trees

We have been focusing on winter Trees in our art lessons and have created beautiful canvases of Winter Trees! First, we created different shades of blue using watercolours. Then, we carefully painted our trees once the background was dry. We completed our canvases by adding buttons to represent leaves and added a hint of glitter! 

Year Three Spring Term 2017

Here is what we are focusing on this Spring Term in Year Three 

We have started our Spring term by stepping back in time!!  Initially we looked at a timeline of British History and we then transported ourselves back into the Stone Age!  We used the fiction book, Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura, as a starting point.  We did lots of Literacy based on the book and we used the book to investigate what tools and foods were used.  We have made cave paintings and clay pots.  We worked in the Multi Cultural Kitchen with Mrs Aamir to create a Stone Age dessert, stewed fruit with honey.  We have carried out a Science Investigation to help us decide which materials we could use to make the Stone Age Boy some new clothes.

Next we will be travelling forwards into the Bronze Age.  We will be comparing life to the Stone Age, discovering why it was called the Bronze Age and looking at their houses and family life.

Our next step through time will be to visit the Iron Age and in particular the Celts.  This will lead us to meeting Boudicca and investigating her important role in leading the Celts to attack the Romans.

Finally we shall look at the Romans, their army and structured lifestyle.  We shall be looking for evidence of them in in our Modern Day lives.  We will become Roman soldiers for the day when we visit Murton Park in March.  We will be able to find out about the daily life of a Roman Soldier and carry out some of their daily activities.

3SP Cooking a Stone Age stewed fruit recipe.

During our Stone Age topic we researched what foods would have been eaten during the Stone Age.  We designed a menu and compared to a Modern menu.  During our time in the kitchen we recreated a Stone Age dessert.

3GW Cooking a Stone Age stewed fruit recipe

This week we have been working in small groups to make a delicious Stone Age Stewed fruit recipe using blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and honey! 

Roman Visit.

The Year 3 children visited Brigantium Fort in York on Wednesday 15th March.  We had a lovely sunny day to enjoy our Roman activities.  We experienced sword fighting and javelin throwing, applying to be a Roman soldier using the Roman alphabet and making our own clay oil lamps.  We found out that it was quite hard workbeing a Roman soldier!

Our Summer Term

Throughout this term we have lots of exciting topics to experience.  To celebrate Hull being the City of Culture we recently visited the 'Poppies, Weeping Window', in Queen Victoria Square.  As well as this we explored the different galleries in Ferens Art Gallery.  During our time there we created many detailed sketches of our favourite art work.  To link in with this visit, parents have been invited into school to work with their children to recreate their own clay poppy.

Our next topic is Volcanoes, rocks and fossils.  We will be investigating how all of these are formed.  We are creating our own fossils, handle different rock specimens and work with a visitor from the University.

Our final topic of the year will be Forces, with a strong literacy link.  Our Literacy will be based upon superheroes.

In our PE sessions we have had a cricket coach come and work with the children to develop their cricket skills.  The children have really enjoyed these sessions.  We are also preparing for own sports day and Haltemprice Sports.

3SP Poppy visit to Hull

As part of the City of Hull celebrations we visited the Poppy Weeping Window in Queen Victoria Square.  The visit was partially funded by our P.T.A.  As well as looking at and sketchingthe poppies we also went into the Ferens Art Gallery and sketched our favourite images.

Rocks and Fossil visitor

On Tuesday 23rd May we had a visitor, David Bond, from the the University of Hull.  He brought with him a huge amount of rocks and fossils for the Year 3 children to handler and investigate.  We had great fun looking at them and asking him lots of questions.

Exploding Volcanoes and Jelly Earthquakes!

As part of our topic we have investigated how volcanoes are created, where they are located and the terminology involved.  We watched how a volcano might explode, using vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda.

We then discussed earthquakes and how they affect the earth.  In groups we created stable structures using marshmallows and cocktail sticks.  We then tested how stable they were by putting them onto our 'jelly' earthquake!


3SP Winter Trees

Firstly we experimented with different shades of blue.  Then we looked at examples of winter trees and had a go at sketching different trees, investigating different shapes and twists.  Finally we painted our canvas different shades of blue, waited...

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