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Once a need is identified and a plan is put in place to support the child, the adults involved in your child’s learning (teachers, teaching assistants, parents and if required outside agencies) will carry out any interventions or strategies that have been agreed in the plan. This extra support will be continuously monitored and reviewed termly to see if it has helped your child to achieve their outcomes. As a consequence of this, new outcomes and strategies can be set.

Types of Support

We use a number of interventions across the Trust to support children when extra support is needed.  These include:

  • Literacy support
  • Numeracy support
  • Memory development
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Speech and language development
  • Concentration and sensory activities
  • Social and emotional development.

Each year group has teaching assistant support, which is used creatively to enable all children to flourish. In addition to this, we have a number of TAs whom are available to support individuals or particular areas of need.  All support is flexible and outcome focused.

Equipment and Resources

We have a range of equipment and resources which enhances provision for children.  This includes:

  • Net books/Hudls, Alphasmarts and tablets and a range of software
  • Recordable devices
  • Sloping desks
  • Wedge cushions
  • Pencil grips
  • Tangle toys
  • Coloured overlays

Class Teachers' Responsibilities

  • Being aware of the school’s procedures for the identification, assessment and subsequent provision for pupils with SEND
  • Liaising with the SENCo to collect evidence and to decide the action required to assist the pupil to progress
  • Being involved in the development of the SEND policy
  • Involved in writing and delivering the individual programme set out in the TSP, and reviewing progress with parents/carers
  • Planning and evaluating with teaching assistants
  • Developing constructive relationships with parents


Teachers will be constantly reviewing the progress of the children in their class. Along with teaching assistants, they will discuss progress and attainment and adjust provision where required. If your child has a TSP, you will be invited to a termly support plan meeting where, along with any adults working with your child, you will be discuss any relevant information, the achievement of their outcomes, set new desirable outcomes and discuss provision.

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