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An assessment of Special Educational Needs involves the class teacher, the inclusion team, parental input, outside agencies (if required) and any other people involved in your child’s education. They ask about your child’s needs and what should be done to meet them.


  • During every lesson, every teacher is making informal assessments on the children’s progress in their class and they use this to inform future planning and teaching. 
  • Every term all classes will complete reading, writing, maths and spelling assessments. The results from these assessments are analysed by the senior leadership team.  Your child’s results will be considered in terms of their personal progress made. If your child has a vulnerability (looked after, adopted, medical need, minority ethnic, is in receipt of free school meals, SEND) their results are tracked more carefully.
  • Every teacher has their own way of setting all of their pupil's targets to help them progress.
  • You can come and talk to the class teacher at a mutually convenient time to discuss your child’s progress. To arrange this you could catch the teacher at the end of the school day, email or call the school office to make an appointment.
  •  You are invited to parent consultation meetings twice a year with a full written report in the summer term.

Further Steps

  • If a child is not making progress with the targets that they have been given, school staff may carry out observations of them in class and on the playground.
  • You are welcome to come and talk to the class teacher or a member of the inclusion team about your thoughts and observations.

Further Assessments

  • If school staff feel that your child would benefit from further assessment they may carry out a 1:1 assessment to gain a better understanding of their needs.
  • When an assessment is carried out, it may result in advice for the teacher about areas to concentrate on and how they can adapt the classroom to better meet your child’s needs. It could also result in your child participating in an intervention. The class teacher will speak to you about any interventions and timescales. 
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