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The process of a child being identified as having a SEND, being put on the SEN register and receiving additional support is detailed in the sections on the side bar. Please click on each stage to see the process that we go through. 



An assessment of Special Educational Needs involves the class teacher, the inclusion team, parental input, outside agencies (if required) and any other people involved in your child’s education. They ask about your child’s needs and what should be...



Across the Trust , a child with Special Educational Needs  will have a Termly Support Plan (TSP). This will highlight their expected outcomes and support that needs to be put in place to help your child to achieve their outcomes each term. The...


Do & Review

Once a need is identified and a plan is put in place to support the child, the adults involved in your child’s learning (teachers, teaching assistants, parents and if required outside agencies) will carry out any interventions or strategies that...



When moving to and from Swanland Education Trust, when moving year groups and when moving key stages a thorough transition process which is adapted and personalised to the child is put in place. Please see the detail below of the process that will...


Working with parents

At Swanland Academy we believe that communication between the school and parents is vital to provide the best support for your child. We invite parents to be involved in every step of your child’s Termly Support Plan (TSP).


Roles of those involved

The Inclusion Team at Swanland Education Trust includes a number of key people each with different roles and responsibilities. 

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