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Direct Phonics

BOOK 1 Children learn single letter sounds,c-v-cwords (, dog) and a small selection of 'tricky sight words' for sentences.   From the very start, they use the letters to blend and segment words and to read and write the words in short sentences.

BOOK 2  Children read and write words containing adjacent consonants, e.g. fast, stick, clock, track, sweet and revise sh and ch. They learn words with the following phonemes: ee, ay, ar, ow, oo, ea, qu, ng.

A few additional 'sight' words enable them to use the words in sentences.

BOOK 3  Children read and write words containing many syllables – polysyllabic words (e.g. fan-tas-tic). Children also learn words made of two shorter words (e.g. sea-shell). All activities draw on the themes and vocabulary of stories included in the manual.

BOOK 4 Children continue with ee, ea, ay from Book Two. They learn words with the following new phonemes: oa, ai, ou, a-e, o-e, i-e, u-e, ur, igh, oi, ea(d), aw, ir, ew, or, oy and practise using them in sentences for both reading and spelling.

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