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Class Three

Hello and welcome to Class 3's homepage! Our Class 3 team is made up of Mrs Barrick, Mrs Clayden, Mrs Mathews and Mrs Baines. This term we are very excited to learn all about the Vikings. Were they really as vicious as everyone thinks? We will also be exploring light and dark in our science work this term. Children will enjoy our DT project, which will involve making and testing longboats. In PE we will be playing invasion games and gymnastics. PE is on a Tuesday afternoon. Although things may be alittle different this term, we will also still be taking part in Harvest activities. There is an exciting term ahead!

Autumn Medium Term Plan

WC 23.11.20

I have included links to the maths video and worksheets. Each maths worksheet will last for 2 lessons this week. This allows time for table practise and CLIC sessions within the lesson.

WC 30.11.20

Tuesday Literacy

Watch the video to introduce features of a persuasive letter.

Read WAGOLL (What a good one looks like)


Tuesday Maths 

Y3 -

Y4 -


Year 3/4 spelling list - Practise 10 words you find tricky!

PE - Cosmic Yoga -

Choose a work out that you think you'll enjoy!

This week in our topic work we will be making our longboats. Children will be given time this week to create their boat. The children suggested that laminating the card might make it waterproof as well, so we will try this to see if our boat can sail!

WC 07.12.20

This week is assessment week in Class 3.  I have put some activities on here that you can do at home to consolidate the skills we have been learning this term. There are also some Christmas times table activities too! Enjoy!


Hello Class 3! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Unfortunately we are unable to be together in the classroom at this time. I have put today's work for this morning on here and this afternoon you usually would have PE with Mr Butterworth. If you are unable to get outside today, Cosmic Yoga is a brilliant way of keeping fit and is also a great way to relax (I will put a link below). I will speak to you all soon!

Morning Activity: Pobble 365

LITERACY: COLD WRITE Use the picture to describe the scene. What can you see? Who are the characters? What can they see, feel, smell, taste and touch? Write a descriptive paragraph about this scene. Remember the idea of a cold write is to show off your writing skills and then we can build on these skills during the unit of work. I would love to see your cold writes on See Saw or you could even type them and email them to me.




PM Cosmic Yoga link:


Apologies for the disappearing work on the website! Our IT team are looking into it. I have uploaded this afternoon's activity again. What do you know about electricity and what would you like to find out? Let's get some good questions 


Thank you 

Mrs Barrick 


Writing warm up: Pobble 365


Reading Link:


Yesterday's reading link:








Beginning with one of the most popular questions from yesterday: What is electricity?

Read through the Powerpoint and then create a poster all about Electricity. There are some key words that you might like to use.

Electricity video:


Writing warm up: Pobble365


English reading activity:



Year 3


Year 4



New Year Resolutions and wishes.

As we have entered a new year, today I would like you to make some resolutions and wishes for yourself and the wider world. What is the difference between a resolution and a wish? Wishes are madeabout what we would LIKE to happen in an ideal world. Wishes are not always achievable. Resolutions are firm decisions about something you would like to do or stop doing. I would like you to think carefully about this this afternoon and set your own wishes and resolutions. If you complete this task, you could draw a picture of yourself achieving one of your resolutions. How would this make you feel?


Hello Class 3! Please find Today's work below.


Writing warm up: Pobble 365


Literacy Reading link





Year 3


Year 4


RE: The unit we are following this term is 'Saints and Heroes'.

Today I would like you to think about what a hero is. Use the questions below to help you:

What is a hero?

Do you know of any heroes?

Task: Draw someone you think is a hero and write some sentences describing why you think this.


Hello everyone! Today in our morning meeting, I will be showing where to find this work on Teams. For today I have put the work on here too. Please find today's work below:


Writing warm up- Pobble 365 


English Reading: Our last lesson on 'Into the Forest'



Year 3


Year 4

(This actvity requires some string or wool if you have some. If not a ruler will be fine for the first questions)


New Spellings: These are attached in a document below. Your test will be next Monday.



Today is PE.  Joe Wicks is back with his Lockdown Workouts! Please follow the link below to be part of it:


Alternatively, the Cosmic Yoga link is below:


OR...I have seen that many of you are able to get outside in your gardens or perhaps go for a bikeride or run. I would love to hear of you doing any of these activities too!


SCIENCE : Can you record all of the times you use electricity today in the table I have uploaded below?


I have upoladed a document below with maths worksheets and video links on for the week. 

See you all in our meeting this morning!

Mrs Barrick


Morning! Today's work is below:

Warm up writing: Pobble 365


New Unit:





Remember to practise your spellings today using our Look Say Cover method


Sorting electrical and non electrical appliances.

Cut and sort the appliances into electrical and non electrical. If you don't have a printer, draw and label them yourself.


Good Morning everyone!


Please find your work for today below:


Writing warm - Pobble365








Spellings (see yesterday's documents)


Topic: See powerpoint and activity sheet below. Mains or battery?  Can you please the appliances (from yesterday's sorting activity) in the correct place in the Venn diagram? As a challenge, can you think of your own appliances to include?


Hi everyone!

Another week of home learning complete! Well done to all of you, I am so proud of what you’ve achieved so far. Next week, I will be putting all the work on Teams and not here on the website. Therefore, please try to access work through Teams today so that you are all ready form next week. Have a well-deserved relaxing weekend everyone.

Please find today’s work below:

Writing warm up : Pobble 365

English –







Watch the Powerpoint. Click on rooms in the house and identify any dangers you notice when using electricity. Then complete the worksheet (below)

This Term’s Plan

Here you will find the plan for waht we will be learning this term!

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