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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1

Mrs. Markham, Mrs. McAreavey and Mrs. Matthews welcome you to Class 1's website page.  We hope you will enjoy reading and looking at photographs of what the children in Class 1 have been doing throughout the school year 2018/19.

Things to remember

PE days in Class 1 are Monday and Wednesday so please ensure your child's PE kit is in school (fully labelled)

Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school

Please complete the lunch timetable every Monday morning

Fruit is available for morning break but if your child would prefer to bring a particular piece of fruit please feel free to put it in your child's book bag

Thank You!

Some of Class 1’s Areas of Learning

Class 1’s Autumn Term Planning.


The Year 1s have been practising their handwriting whilst Reception children were outside practising their gross motor skills.

Greater Than and Less Than

With the help of Colin the Crocodile Year 1 have been learning about greater than and less than.

The Enormous Turnip

The Year 1's have been sequencing the story of The Enormous Turnip in their Literacy lesson today.


In our RE lesson this morning we learnt about Harvest which is a Christian celebration.  We learnt how the harvest is gathered in and that some people have lots to eat but there are some people in the world that do not have enough.


In our numeracy lesson we were joining parts to make a whole.


We enjoyed making funny pumpkins.  Mrs Markham and Mrs.McAreavey both carved pumpkins for the classroom.  We scooped out the seeds and looked and felt inside the pumpkin!

Remembrance Day

We have learnt about Remembrance Day and World War 1 and World War 2.  We made poppies, wreaths, painted poppies and wrote about why we remember those that gave their lives for us.  The whole school painted poppy stones which will be placed on the front of the school to remember the people who lived in the village and died during the wars.


Our senses lesson this afternoon was all about hearing.  We played a game where we had to match the instrument to the sound then we enjoyed investigating the musical instruments!

Our Classroom Displays - Autumn Term

Class 1’s Christmas Visit to Coletta & Tyson

We all enjoyed a wonderful festive visit to see the Christmas displays at our local garden centre.

Our Festive Classroom

The children in Reception and Year 1 had lots of fun making christmas decorations for our classrom.

Class 1’s Spring Term Planning


As part of our topic "All About Me" Class 1 were lucky enough to visit Eureka!  We had a fun filled learning day out which was enjoyed by all of us.

Reading with Year 6

At 3.00pm on a Friday afternoon the year 6 children join us.  We sit with them and enjoy listening to stories from our book collection.  They also discuss the stories and engage us in questioning.


This Year 1 numeracy lesson involved balancing addition sums. It was quite tricky!

Our Local Area

We have been learning about the local area of Dunswell.  We went for a walk around the village to find out what was in the area.  Reception children then produced a map plotting the points of interest.

The Three Little Pigs

Our Literacy focus is the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs.  During outdoor free choice the Reception children enjoyed some role play of the story.

Class 1 Spring Term Planning

World Book Day 2019

Thursday 7th March was World Book Day.  We brought into school our favourite books and enjoyed listening to Mrs.Markham's and Mrs. McAreavey's favourite childrens stories.  We also painted potatotoes and made them into Mr.Men characters.

Numeracy - Partitioning

Year 1 are very good at partitioning numbers into  tens and ones.  Look how we did this. 

Hot Seating

During Literacy we used the characters from the Three Little Pigs to "hot seat"  We had great fun pretending to be the Three Pigs and answering questions from the Story Policeman about the Big Bad Wolf!

Comic Relief 2019

This year for Comic Relief the whole school was invited to dress up in something silly!!!  Class 1 also enjoyed a lovely morning baking buns.

The Big Bad Wolf Wanted Posters!

The Big Bad Wolf is Wanted!!!!  He is a mean, nasty Wolf.  He has enormous teeth and big sharp claws.  The Story Police are looking for him.  Can you help Class 1 to find him?

Visit to Riley’s House

In line with our topic "Let's Build" and our literacy focus "The Three Little Pigs" we went to Riley's house in the village.  His mum and dad are building the house and we went to learn about the different materials being used.

Our Raft!

We had great fun building a raft on this beautiful sunny day!

Handwriting Stars

We all won a handwriting trophy!

Ings Lane Garden Centre

In line with our topic "How Does Your Garden Grow?" we visited Ings Lane Garden Centre.  We looked at various flowers, shrubs and vegetable plants.  We chose some to bring back to school.  We are now looking after the plants in the classroom and hopefully we will soon be able to plant them when the sun is shining!!!!

We are Growing Cress

On our visit to Ings Lane Garden Centre we also bought some cress seeds.  We filled a tray with tissue, sprinkled the seeds on top and water them regularly.  We have placed them on the window sill to hopefully grow.  When the cress is ready to eat we will be making egg and cress sandwiches.

Pea Shoots

Using magnifying glasses Year 1 investigated the use of roots and generally explored the parts of a plant.  They then went on to label their own diagram.

Manor Farm

Class 1 had a lovely morning in the sunshine when they had a visit to Manor Farm Camp Site.  Thank you very much to Mrs. Barker and Mrs. Darwick!

Egg and Cress Sandwiches

We planted seeds and grew cress in the classroom then we followed instructions and made egg, cress and salad cream sandwiches.  We are now learning to write our own instructions.

How Does Your Garden Grow? Artwork

Please take a look at our amazing artwork which we have done this half term.  Our classroom is so colourful!

Plant Tasting!

To finish off our theme work of "How Does Your Garden Grow?" we investigated and tasted which parts of various plants we could eat.

Class 1’s Planning


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