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Class 4

Miss Oxtoby, Mrs Barton, Mr Lowe, Mrs Shephardson, Mrs Emiliani and all the children welcome you to Class 4

This term our topic will be Exploring Europe and Discovering Dunswell. This will be a Geography based topic in which we will learn about various environments around the world.

We look forward to a very successful, challenging but importantly fun year in Class 4!

This term we will be learning about the following:

*Literacy – The Highwayman poem, stories by significant authors and diary writing 

*Numeracy – fractions, decimals and percentages, averages and shapes as well as mental arithmetic and daily CLIC session

*Topic -  Exploring Europe and Discovering Dunswell (Geography, Art, Design and Technology)

*Science - Electricity

*RE – Easter

*PE – Netball

*PHSE - Keeping finanically healthy

ICT - Computational Thinking

*Music - Brass lessons

Music Lessons

**Music lessons take place on Wednesday afternoons with Mrs Grace. The children are taught how to play either the trumpet or the trombone.**

Santa comes to Dunswell

**Class 4 enjoyed the visit from Santa at this very festive time. Below are a few photos with Santa and the games we played during the day.**

Eden Camp

**Eden Camp is a multi-award winning Modern History Theme Museum housed within the grounds of an original World War Two prisoner of war camp. The children really enjoyed the trip as seen from the pictures below.**

Epifania (Italian Epiphany)

On the 6th January, we looked at the Epiphany and how people celebrate in Italy. Mrs Emiliano explained to use about the traditions in Italy and then we baked Italian biscuits as a whole class. We used our maths skills to scale the recipe and then carefully followed the instructions! Look at the pictures to see the fun we had and our final results! Yum!!

The Selfish Giant Performance

The children watched the performance "The Selfish Giant". The production was performed by a group called "Image Theatre" and we were joined by Swanland's KS1 children . All the children loved the show and some of them even got to join in and be the stars of the show. The pictures below capture the fun that the children had.

Skipping lessons

After a full staff training lesson on skipping this week, class 4 have fully embraced the new found love for skipping. From French to Chinese skipping the children really enjoyed the lesson.

World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day. The children wore pyjamas and brought in their favourite cushions and teddy bears. We enjoyed lots of activities: reading aloud to the whole class, creating a bookmark, writing inspirational quotes to encourage reading and a chill out reading session. Have a look at our pictures to see what fun we had!

Italian Tasting Lesson

For Mrs Emiliani's last Italian lesson, we tasted some Italian foods. The class enjoyed smelling and tasting the foods and talking about all the different textures. Some children were more adventurous than other with trying the new foods!

Healthy Eating - Sandwich making

Today in our healthy eating topic the children have made thier own sandwiches. They made the sandwiches in pairs making sure that a range of ingredients were used. The children could choose what they wanted to put into the sandwiches. The options we had were ham, tuna, cheese, chicken, peperoni, salami, lettuce, sweetcorn, tomato, pepper, onion mayonnaise and different types of bread. 

Cezanne still life art

As part of our Keeping Healthy topic, we have been studying Paul Cezanne and his still-life fruit art. The children practised sketching with pencils and then drew one of their own still-life art based on Paul Cezanne.

Hull City Of Culture

The return after Easter has been a very fun-filled and interesting one at Dunswell.  As part of the Hull City of Culture 2017, we have been taking part in a 'Made in Hull' week. The children have designed and painted commenorative Hull plates, listened to A hull author talk about their books, taken part in a question and answer session with an ex-trawelerman from Hull, designed and made a caravan and even tasted fish and chips! Look at all the pictures from over the course of the week to see the fun we have been having!

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