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Year 5

Mrs McCallum, Mrs Dodds, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Goulding, Mrs van Nieuwkerk, Mrs Aamir, Mrs Martin and Madame Slater all welcome you to Year 5.

We had a wonderful Spring Term and have and an amazing start to the Summer term.

We have already been on a very exciting and fun trip to Robinwood, where the children faced their fears by taking part in some terrifyingly exciting activities. They leaned a lot about working as part of a team, supporting one another and gained confidence.

During our topics this term, we will be concentrating on the book ‘Wonder’ and looking at how we can make a difference and looking at how to treat and help others.

We are going to learn about the English Kings and Queens, you may even challenge your children on naming ALL of the Kings and Queens since William the Conqueror!

During our literacy sessions we will be writing fantasy stories, non-chronological reports, letters and we will be looking at arguments and debates. Some of the writing skills we will develop, include; modal verbs, relative clauses, punctuating speech, fronted adverbials, detail (adjectives, adverbs, subordinate clauses) and parenthesis.

Throughout our maths sessions we will focus on developing our skills using and understanding; decimals, properties of shape, position and direction, converting units of measure and volume.   

History and geography topics will involve learning about British towns and cities, the water cycle, mountains and volcanoes and a local study.

During our PE sessions we will develop skills in rounders and athletics and progress in our team work skills and good sportsmanship throughout sports day races.     

Long Term Plan

Welcome To Year 5

London Trip


London SM

London ND/RC

Robinwood Pictures 2018

Just a selection!!

Enjoy looking through all of these pictures of our great trip to Robinwood.