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Year 5

Mrs McCallum, Mrs Dodds, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Goulding, Mrs van Nieuwkerk, Mrs Aamir, Mrs Martin and Madame Slater all welcome you to Year 5.

We’re looking forward to the spring term!

Our topic during the Spring Term will be learning about the Mayan culture and looking at South and North America. If you have any artifacts that link to this topic and your child would like to bring into school, please feel free to do so.

During our science sessions this term, we will be looking at properties and changes of materials. We are also hoping to have a visit from Lab Rascals. The children will be making pottery during our design and technology lessons.  PE sessions this term will include; rugby, cricket, team building exercises and netball.

Spring term literacy lessons will involve writing about the Mayans and we will cover a number of different genres of writing, including; information texts, stories from other cultures, myths and legends and poetry.

Mathematic lessons covered in the spring term will include; multiplication and division, decimals, percentages and fractions. 

Long Term Plan

Welcome To Year 5

London Trip


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