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Welcome to Year 2

Our Year 2 teachers are Mrs Palmer, Miss Evans and Mrs Cooper. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs Chaudhry, Mrs Grantham and Mrs Ramsdale. Mrs Martin and Miss Cooper will be teaching RE, music and art.

We have just finished a very exciting Autumn Term and are thoroughly looking forward to our Spring Term.

The topic the children will be learning about at the beginning of the term is Nocturnal Animals.

We have many fun and exciting learning experiences planned for the children to take part in this term, including a visit to the chocolate factory.

To find out more about what the children will be learning and taking part in, have a look at our long term plan and January newsletter at the bottom of this page (under ‘downloads’).

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you in the new Spring Term. 

Welcome to Year 2

Autumn Term 2EE

Autumn Term 2JP