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Welcome to our Reception page.

Reception at Swanland Primary school is a fun, multi sensory, hands on learning environment which supports each child in making their next step of learning. 

We engage in all areas of our Early Years Curriculum in...

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. Year 1 is 1RP (Mrs Preston and Mrs Yorke) and 1JS/EJ (Mrs Sivarajan, Mrs Jenkinson, Mrs Bell and Miss Carter)

Welcome to Year 2

Our Year 2 teachers are Mrs Palmer, Miss Evans and Mrs Cooper. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs Chaudhry, Mrs Grantham and Mrs Ramsdale. Mrs Martin and Miss Cooper will be teaching RE, music and art.

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!  Our teachers are Mrs Patrick and Miss Welbourne.  Mrs Patrick's class is called 3SP and their teaching assistant is called Mrs Pougher.  Miss Welbourne's class is called 3GW and their teaching assitants are Mrs Parkinson and Mrs...

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!  Your teachers this year will be Mrs Russell (4MR) and Mrs Carney(4KC).

Year 5

Mrs McCallum, Mrs Dodds, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Goulding, Mrs van Nieuwkerk, Mrs Aamir, Mrs Martin and Madame Slater all welcome you to Year 5.

Year 6

The Year 6 teachers are Miss Green (6KG) and Mrs Neal (6AN).  Mrs Bonell is teaching in class 6AN this term. The Year 6 teaching assistant this year is Mrs Lamb and Miss Cooper, Mrs Martin, Mrs Aamir, Mrs Fountain and Mrs Goulding are also working...

Whole School

On this page you can see whole school events, including Praise and Awards. 


Sports News

Please find below photographs and results for our sports achievements this year.



Click here to see information and photos from 2016-2017. 



Click here to see photos and information from the year 2015-2016.