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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2's own website page. 

Our teachers are Mrs Markham and Mrs McAreavey.

Welcome to Class 2

Mrs. Markham, Mrs. McAreavey and all the children welcome you to Class 2's very own web page.

Whatever the Weather!

This term our topic is the weather.  We have enjoyed many art and craft activities, learned about the seasons and studied the clouds.  There is still a lot more to learn and investigate and we will add our activities to the web page over the next few weeks.

Cloud Making

We enjoyed making clouds out of shaving foam. Is it a Cirrus, Cummulus or Stratus Cloud????

Place Value

Partioning numbers is practical and fun!

Autumn Activities

We have enjoyed using our handprints and fingerprints to paint autumn trees.  We also had a nature table where we cracked open and polished conkers and acorns.

Shades of Green

We have been using our colour mixing skills to mix a variety of shades of green.  We practised light to dark shades then created a painting using different greens and different width brushes.  You can see the finished results on our display.

The Dunswell Turner Prize

Each child in the school created their own work of art for The Dunswell Turner Prize exhibition.  These are Class 2's entries and winners.

Ella the Naughty Elf!

Ella the naughty elf has arrived in Class 2.  What will she get up to?

Well so far Ella has been up to some naughty tricks.  She ate all our fruit and tried every single chair in the classroom until she found a comfy one!  She had a lovely time on the school trip but was exhausted afterwards and went to sleep!  Then we discovered she loved crepe paper!  She has also been very kind and has brought us a christmas tree, chocolate coins and a new christmas story!

Our Christmas Visit to Ferens Art Gallery and Wilberfoce House

We enjoyed a visit to Ferens Art Gallery to see the wonderful artwork and the Turner Prize Exhibition.  After having our lunch at McDonalds we went on to enjoy a Victorian Christmas experience with Mrs. Miggins.